Pine-Apple Jelly

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Peel a pine apple of about a pound weight; pick out the specks, cut it up in slices, and put these in a basin. Clarify twelve ounces of sugar with a pint of water, the juice of two lemons, and half a white of egg; strain the syrup upon the pine-apple, and boil both together for ten minutes. Next, strain the pine-apple syrup through a napkin into a basin; add two ounces of clarified isinglass, No. 843, or a like quantity of gelatine, No. 839; set a mould in rough ice, pour three spoonfuls of the jelly at the bottom of the mould,, and when this has become set firm, place thereon a neatly-arranged row of slices of the pine-apple; then add more jelly, and when this has also become set firm, repeat the pine apple and the jelly until the mould is filled up; and when set quite firm all through, and about to be sent to table, dip it in hot water, and turn the jelly out upon its dish.

No. 844