Apple Jelly

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Slice up twelve pounds of grey russets into a preserving-pan containing five quarts of boiling water and the juice of two lemons; boil this on a sharp fire, stirring occasionally until reduced to a pulp; it must then be thrown into jelly-bags to filter bright; pouring back the three first passings. When all the juice has passed through the bag, weigh it, and to every twenty ounces of apple-juice add one pound of the finest loaf-sugar; boil, skim, and as soon as you find that the jelly hangs in webs on the edge of the skimmer as it is held up out of the boiling jelly, it will be done, and must be removed from the fire, poured into pots, and set aside to become cold: finish in the ordinary way.

Note.—Apple jelly prepared in a small quantity, and poured into dinner-plates, about the sixth of an inch thick, when set firm and cold, serves to cover all sorts of compotes of fruits for dessert; and adds very considerably to their brilliancy.

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