Cherry Rings

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Put a pound of the finest loaf-sugar into a boiler with just enough water to dissolve it, and while it is boiling, be careful to skim it thoroughly; add a teaspoonful of wood-vinegar, and a few drops of cochineal; boil to the snap, and then, after the first heat has subsided, pour the sugar out upon a clean marble slab previously very slightly oiled with oil of almonds, and continue working the sugar with two dinner-knives, one in each hand, so as to bring the bulk constantly together in a piled-up form; and when the sugar has thrown off its heat sufficiently to enable you to handle it without burning yourself, very slightly oil your fingers, gather up the sugar in your hands, and pull it out to half a yard's length; join the ends together, and keep on stretching out the sugar in this manner until it assumes a bright, glassy, delicate-pink surface, and then, as it is pulled out in narrow strips, cut these about three inches long; twist and join the ends together, so as to form them into rings.

Note.—In order to be successful in this operation, it is essential to be perfectly collected, and very active.

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