Bills of Fare for December french

Dinner for 14 Persons

2 Soups.
Macaroni à la royale.
Tendons of veal à la jardinière.

2 Fishes
Torbay soles in matelote Normande.
Grilled turbot, brown capers sauce.

2 Removes.
Mutton pie a l'Irlandaise.
Roast pheasants larded a la financiere.

4 Entrees.
Supreme of fowls a l'ecarlate.
Salmis of wild fowl a la Provencale.
Fillets of beef sautes a l'Espagnole.
Rissolettes of game a l'Italienne.

2 Roasts

2 Removes.
Vanilla souffle.
Iced biscuits, with maraschino.

6 Entremets.
Seakale with bechamel sauce.
Italian salad in an aspic border.
Orange jelly in quarters.
Apples a la Portugaise.
Ginger pudding.
Nougat of almonds a la Chantilly.