Brown Gravy

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First, place some flattened pieces of beef-suet at the bottom of a stewpan capable of holding the intended quantity of gravy to be produced (calculating at the rate of one and a half pound of meat to a quart of water), cover the suet with thick slices of onions, and over all put thick slices of beef, or any trimmings of meat or bones you may happen to have by you;

Moisten with stock or water in sufficient quantity barely to cover the surface of the meat, and next set the stewpan thus prepared on a brisk fire, to boil sharply until the liquor is reduced to a glaze; when, after slackening the heat of the fire, it must be further allowed to consolidate by reduction, in order that it may become of a very brown colour without burning.

The stewpan must now be filled up with cold water, allowed to boil, be well skimmed, garnished with three carrots, two heads of celery, a blade of mace, eight cloves stuck in an onion, twelve peppercorns, and two ounces of salt. The quantities of garnish and seasoning here named are intended for a three or four gallon sized stew pan .

When the gravy has boiled gently for three or four hours, strain it off carefully for use.

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