White Veal Stock

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Break up a knuckle of veal and place it in a five gallon stewpan, with any trimmings of meat you may have, a couple of rabbits from which you have removed the fillets for an entrée, and also an old hen—the fillets of which may serve for force-meat;

To these add about a pound of lean bacon or ham; fill up with water, boil and skim the stock well, garnish with four carrots, two turnips, two heads of celery, and a handful of parsley tied up with a bay-leaf and a good sprig of thyme, a handful of mush rooms, a blade of mace, six cloves, twelve peppercorns, and two ounces of salt:

Allow your stock to boil very gently by the side of a slow fire for about four hours, skimming it occasionally; and then strain it off into clean pans for use as occasion requires.

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