Macedoine of Vegetables

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Scrape two or more carrots clean and smooth, and peel a like number of sound turnips perfectly smooth; and then with French vegetable scoops (easily obtained at Adams' warehouse, Haymarket,) proceed to shape the carrots and turnips into the form of olives, filberts, peas, &c, and having boiled these in a little broth, or water with a bit of butter, sugar, and salt, when done, drain them dry and place them in a small sautapan with a like quantity of green peas, asparagus peas, nibs of cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and French beans cut in the shape of diamonds: all these vegetables must have been previously cooked, and well drained— free from any moisture.

Next, add two tablespoonfuls of good thick white sauce, a little pepper and salt, and a teaspoonful of sugar; toss the macedoine lightly together over the fire, and serve as hereafter indicated.

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