Asparagus Soup

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Break off all that is tender from a bundle of green sprue asparagus, and put this in a large pan with half a peck of fresh-gathered spinach, a large handful of parsley, the same of spring onions, and having washed these in two waters, and drained them in a sieve, proceed to boil them in nearly two quarts of water, with a bit of butter and a little salt; and, as soon as the asparagus are done, strain off the liquor, to be kept in reserve; bruise the asparagus, &c, in a mortar; add this to the liquor, and having rubbed the puree through a tammy, pour it into a soup-pot: and when about to send it to table, add three ounces of glaze, two ounces of flour kneaded with the same quantity of butter, a little pepper and salt, and a spoonful of white sugar; stir the soup over the fire until hot, without allowing it to boil; and serve with fried crusts, No. 151, separately.

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