Grouse Soup

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Roast off two grouse or black game, and while they are roasting, cut up small two carrots, a head of celery, two onions, two ounces of raw ham, a bay-leaf, thyme, and parsley, six cloves, a blade of mace, and four shalots; and fry these ingredients with a piece of butter, of a brown colour, in a stewpan.

By this time, the grouse will be done; cut out the fillets and put them away in a plate; pound the carcases thoroughly in a mortar, and add them to the fried vegetables, and half a pound of brown thickening, No. 9; moisten with two quarts of good stock; stir over the fire until the soup boils; allow it to clear off the grease by the side of the fire for twenty minutes; remove this, and then rub the soup through a tammy in the usual way on a dish.

The soup being passed and poured into a soup-pot, add the fillets of the grouse cut into thick shreds, a glass of wine and a small pinch of cayenne; make it hot by stirring it over the fire; skim it, and serve.

Note.—Pheasants, partridges, larks, woodcocks, snipes, rabbits, &c, prepared in the manner indicated for making grouse soup, will prove equally delicious.

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