Italian Soup

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Half roast either a fowl, pheasant, duck, partridge, or a rabbit; and put it into a stewpan with four ounces of raw ham, two onions, six ripe red tomatas, a head of celery, a carrot sliced up, four shalots, a bay-leaf and thyme, four cloves, a small bit of mace, and twelve peppercorns; moisten with a pint of stock and a glass of wine; boil down to a glaze; fill up with two quarts of stock, or water; boil gently on the corner of the fire for an hour; skim, and strain the stock into a pan; reserve the fowl, or whatever has been used to make the soup, on a plate; pound all the vegetables in a mortar; remove this pulp into a stewpan; moisten with the stock; rub it through a tammy; pour the puree into a soup-pot; stir it over tho fire until it boils; let it throw up by the side for ten minutes; skim it well, and then stir into the soup a paste made of three anchovies, a few capers, and a pinch of cayenne pounded and rubbed through a sieve; and pour the soup into the tureen already containing the fowl cut into small neat pieces.

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