Oyster Soup

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Scald, drain, wash, and beard four dozen oysters, reserving their liquor in a pan.

Put four ounces of butter into a stewpan to barely dissolve over the fire; mix in four ounces of flour; moisten with a pint and a half of good white stock or milk; season with nutmeg and a pinch of cayenne, and a teaspoonful of anchovy; add half a pint of cream; stir over the fire for a quarter of an hour's gentle boiling; and then, having cut the oysters each into halves, pour the hot soup over them in the tureen.

Note.—This favourite soup may also be prepared in like manner, and with equal chance of success, by using cockles, muscles, whelks, or collops for the purpose; but it must not be forgotten that great care and cleanliness must be observed in well washing them, in order effectually to remove all sand or grit.

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