Lobster Soup

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First, cut. up very small the following ingredients: viz.,—a carrot, onion, celery, four shalots, bay-leaf, and thyme, and some parsley; fry these in a stewpan with a piece of butter until they are lightly browned; then add six ounces of flour, mix well; moisten with three pints of good stock (or water if for meagre soup); stir over the fire, and when it boils, set it by the side to simmer gently for half an hour: while this part of the preparations is going on break up a fresh cooked hen lobster; remove the meat from the tail and claws, and cut this into neat square pieces, to be kept in reserve; all the remainder of the lobster and shell, together with a little spawn, must be well bruised in a mortar, and stirred into the soup as it, boils; and five minutes after let the whole be rubbed through a tammy, poured into a soup-pot, made hot, and skimmed ; seasoned with a glass of sherry, a little Harvey, lemon-juice, anchovy, and cayenne; and poured into the soup-tureen already containing the cut-up lobster, and some small quenelles.

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