Lord Marcus Hill's Soup

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Grease the bottom of a four-quart sized stewpan with an ounce of butter, and place therein five pounds of knuckle of veal and half a pound of raw ham; to these add two carrots, two onions, and one head of celery; moisten with a quart of broth, and set the whole to boil down sharply until reduced to a glaze; then fill up with light broth or water; boil and skim,—and when the stock has boiled for about two hours, strain it off.

While this is going on, shred four large lettuces, a handful of spring onions, two cucumbers peeled, and a handful of chervil; and having put these into a stewpan with two ounces of butter, pepper and salt; stir over the fire for ten minutes; add half a pound of flour, mix together, moisten with the stock, boil gently on the corner of the fire for half an hour, remove the scum, add half an ounce of sugar and a pint of boiled green peas, and serve.

No. 168