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Prepare this in the first instance in the same manner as directed in the foregoing recipe for mock-turtle clear; and, when the head is done, and placed in press, and the stock has been passed or strained into another stewpan, add about a pound and a quarter of thickening, No. 9, and stir it over the fire until the sauce boils; remove it to the side to remain gently simmering, in order to enable it to throw up all grease, &c., which remove, and then add half a pint of madeira or sherry, the juice of half a lemon, and a pinch of cayenne; put the pieces of calf's head (cut into small squares) into a soup-pot, strain the sauce to these, and having allowed the soup to boil gently until the meat is done, skim it, and then add the small quenelles, as in the former case.

No. 140a