Giblet Soup, Clear

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Take two sets of geese giblets thoroughly cleansed, and parboiled in hot water over the fire for ten minutes; drain, and immerse them in cold water for five minutes; and then place them in a stewpan with a bunch of basil, marjoram, lemon thyme, winter savory, and parsley, tied neatly together; carrot, celery, two onions stuck with a dozen cloves, two blades of mace, and six shalots; fill up with about a gallon of good stock, or water (in the latter case, add four pounds of knuckle of veal); set the giblets thus far prepared to boil over the fire: skim them well, and allow them to boil very gently by the side of the fire, until they are nearly done; then strain off the stock, wash the giblets in cold water, drain and cut them up,—the wings and feet into inch and half lengths, and the livers. &o., into smaller pieces.

Next, after the giblet stock has been strained into another stewpan, and freed from all grease, proceed to clarify it as directed for clear mock-turtle; and finish this soup in the same manner

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