Russian Soup, or Tschi

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First, cut two large onions into small dice, and shred a small cabbage finely, and chop these shreds across to shorten the filaments; fry all this in a stewpan with two ounces of butter, until it assumes a light colour; then mix in two ounces of flour; moisten with three pints of good brown stock; season with nutmeg, popper, and salt, and having stirred the soup over the fire till it boils, set it by the side to boil gently for about half an hour; then add a glass of French white wine, some roughly-chopped tarragon and chervil, and pour it into a soup-tureen containing about two ounces of lean ham cut into small shreds, and two dozen small sausages, made as follows: viz., to six ounces of lean beef add four ounces of suet, and having chopped and pounded these together, season with nutmeg, pepper, and salt, chopped parsley, and thyme; add one whole egg; mix well together by pounding; roll out the sausage-meat into the form of small round balls, and fry these in a sautapan with a little butter.

No. 176