Spanish Soup

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Spread a little butter over the bottom of a four-quart sized stewpan; upon this lay four onions cut into slices, and then four pounds of gravy-beef cut in thick slices, half a pound of raw ham or lean bacon, an old partridge or pheasant; add two carrots, celery, and parsley roots, a bay-leaf, thyme, and a small clove of garlic, tied up tightly, six cloves and a bit of mace; moisten with a quart of stock, or water, boil down to a glaze over a brisk fire; fill up with stock, or water; boil, skim well, and when the stock has simmered gently by the side of the fire for two hours, strain it off.

After removing all the grease, let it be poured into a soup-pot containing carrots and turnips, scooped in the form of olives, some celery and leeks shred thickly, a pint of garbanças (Spanish peas) previously soaked and boiled, and a dessert-spoonful of Spanish sweet red pepper; boil gently until the vegetables are done; then add the partridge or pheasant, cut into neat pieces, also the ham, and some small pork sausages which have been boiled in the stock.

Note.—This substantial soup, which in Spain is called "Olla Podrida," forms of itself an excellent dinner.

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