Baked Codfish, Stuffed

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Procure a perfectly fresh middle-sized fish, wipe it thoroughly clean, fill the inside with veal stuffing, No. 294, sew up the flaps, and having trussed the cod in the form of the letter S, with a sharp knife make deep incisions on both sides of the fish, and place it upon a baking-dish; moisten the cod all over with half a pound of dissolved butter, season with pepper and salt, and some oyster liquor, and set it to bake in the oven; basting it frequently with its own liquor; about an hour and a half's baking will suffice to do it thoroughly.

When about half done, with a dredger containing brown raspings of rolls, shake a coating all over the fish; this must be repeated, several times; whereby not only the appearance of the fish will be enhanced, but the flavour will also be considerably improved.

The cod done, lift it carefully by means of two fish-slices, cleverly handled, on to its dish; strain the liquor into a stewpan, add thereto six ounces of butter, four ounces of flour, a glass of Harvey, a glass of wine, a little anchovy, cayenne, nutmeg, a few chopped capers, lemon-juice, and four dozen of scalded oysters; stir it over the fire until it boils; pour it over and round the fish, and serve.

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