Crimped-Cod, Oyster Sauce

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Have some clean water ready boiling on the fire; place the slice or slices of crimped cod in it; add salt in sufficient quantity to strongly flavour the water, and having allowed the fish to boil very gently for about twenty minutes, the slices must be immediately dished up as soon as they are done; inasmuch as to allow any fish to remain in water after it is done, spoils it; but this is more particularly the case with all crimped fish.

Garnish the slices of crimped cod with picked parsley, and some pieces of the liver which have been boiled separately, and serve oyster sauce, No. 43, in a sauceboat.

Note.—Cod's liver, when boiled with the fish, through the decomposition of its oil, imparts an unpleasantly strong flavour.

No. 220