Salmon a la Regence

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For this purpose procure a small salmon-peel weighing about six pounds; truss it in the form of an S, boil it off some hours before dinner-time, and having removed the fish from the water, and allowed it to become cold, with a knife carefully peel off the skin, and then mask over the fish entirely with a coating of fish forcemeat, No. 186 (in which there has been mixed a good quantity of lobster spawn to colour it red), and after smoothing the surface over by means of a knife dipped in hot water and lightly drawn over the forcemeat, insert thereupon some pieces of truffles to form a decoration representing sprigs of laurels, &c.; cover the salmon over with paper previously well greased with butter, place it in the oven for about half an hour before dinner-time, and when the forcemeat has become firm, yet somewhat elastic to the touch, dish up the salmon, garnish it with perigueux sauce, No. 67, some decorated quenelles of lobster, No. 187, large crayfish, and button mushrooms.

Note.—As this is evidently a very extravagant dish, it may be indulged in only upon extraordinary occasions; and even then the most expensive articles may be dispensed with, without deterioration to the superiority of the dish itself.

No. 204