Quenelle Forcemeat of Whitings

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Skin two large whitings, scrape off the flesh with a spoon, and force it through a wire sieve with the back part of the bowl of a wooden spoon, onto a plate.

Next, to twelve ounces of the prepared fish, add eight ounces of the panada, No. 184, and six ounces of fresh butter; pound these in a mortar, adding gradually three whole eggs and the yolks of two others; season with nutmeg, pepper, and salt, and after being thoroughly mixed by further pounding, remove it into a basin to be kept upon ice till required for use.

Note.—All kinds of fish quenelle forcemeat must he prepared as indicated for the composition of whiting forcement, using for those purposes any given quantity of salmon, trout, gurnet, haddock, or codfish; bearing in mind that previously to mixing the fish with the other ingredients, it must be forced through a wire sieve.

The proportions of panada and butter are the same.

No. 186