Scolloped Lobster

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Split a fresh-boiled lobster into halves, by cutting it through with a strong knife from head to tail; take out all the meat without damaging the shell; trim away the ragged edges from the two halves of the body-shell, and likewise from the tail and claw-pieces; let all the meat be cut into small scollops or squares, and reserved in a plate.

Pound the pith, coral, and spawn of the lobster in a mortar with a small bit of butter; rub it through a sieve, and put this into a stewpan with a little white sauce of any kind, a little anchovy, nutmeg, cayenne, and lemon-juice, and having stirred, the sauce over the fire to boil for a few minutes, add the lobster and the yolks of two raw eggs; stir again over the fire to make it hot; fill the prepared lobster-shells with this; cover them over with fried bread-crumbs; salamander them, and dish up on a folded napkin, with fried paisley.

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