Scolloped Oysters

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Scale and beard—that is, remove the beards from some dozens of oysters; strain the liquor into a stewpan, add thereto two ounces of butter, mixed or kneaded with two ounces of flour, a little cream, anchovy, nutmeg, and cayenne; stir the sauce over the fire to boil and reduce for ten minutes; then add a couple of yolks of eggs and a little lemon-juice, and some chopped parsley; add the oysters cut each into halves, stir altogether over the fire for a few minutes, and fill some scollop-shells with this preparation; cover them over with a thick coating of fried bread-crumbs; place them on a baking-sheet iu the oven for five minutes, and serve them quite hot.

Note.—If you have no scollop-shells, the deep shell ol ihe oyster, well scoured, will serve the purpose.

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