Sturgeon a la Cardinal

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Procure about two pounds of sturgeon, remove the skin with a sharp knife, tie the piece of fish round neatly into shape with string, and place it in a stewpan with sliced carrot and onion, bay-leaf, thyme, and parsley, a glass of vinegar, four cloves, salt, and a bit of mace, and water cover the fish; set this to boil gently until the sturgeon is done, which will take more or less time according to the size and age of the sturgeon from which the piece has been cut.

When done, dish up the sturgeon, garnish with a border of quenelles of whiting, and crayfish, placed alternately round it; sauce it over with cardinal sauce, No. 62, and serve.

Note.—To save expense, the garnish maybe dispensed with, and the sauce only used.

No. 215