Quenelle Forcemeat of Veal

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Take one pound of lean white veal cut from the leg, or chump end; scrape it with a knife; pound and rub it through a wire sieve on to a plate.

Next, place in a mortar, twelve ounces of the veal prepared as indicated above, six ounces of fresh butter, and eight ounces of panada, No. 184; pound these well together; mix in gradually three whole eggs, two tablespoonfuls of good white sauce, and the yolks of two others; season with nutmeg, pepper and salt; and when the forcemeat has been thoroughly mixed by pounding it into a smooth compact body, take it out of the mortar into a basin, and keep it on the ice, or in a cool place until required for use as hereinafter directed.

Note.—All kinds of quenelle forcemeats are to be prepared according to the foregoing instructions, using for the different varieties the fillets of fowls, pheasants, grouse, partridges, hares, rabbits, &c: all, or any of these are of course first to undergo the same process as indicated for the preparation of veal, and to be used in the same proportions.

No. 185