Dutch Herrings

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These are imported from Holland, and are salted in small flat tubs.

On the tub being first opened, the herrings are apt to emit a rather unpleasant odour, but this does not affect the flavour of the fish; and when they have been washed and soaked in milk for a couple of hours, all unpleasantness is removed.

Cut off the heads and tails of the herrings, and divide each into slices about half an inch thick—cut slantwise; place these in a small dish, in their natural position ; garnish round with slices of hard-boiled eggs; pour some vinegaret sauce over them, and serve with the cheese.

The vinegaret here alluded to is prepared as follows: viz.,— to two tablespoonfuls of salad-oil add one of tarragon vinegar, chopped parsley and shalot, pepper and salt, ind mix.

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