German Schpeischlitz

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Put about three gills of milk to boil with four ounces of butter in a stewpan, and as the milk rises, stir quickly into it six ounces of maize-flour; continue stirring the paste over the fire until it ceases to adhere to the sides of the stewpan; it must then be removed from the fire, and three whole eggs, grated nutmeg, pepper and salt, a little sugar, and some chopped parsley are to be vigorously worked in with the paste.

Next, poach the schpeischlitz in boiling milk with a little salt, in the form of teaspoon quenelles; they will be done in about ten minutes; they must be drained immediately, and tossed lightly in some fried breadcrumbs, fried for the purpose of a light colour, and served quite hot, with either grated Gruyere cheese, or else cinnamon-sugar, separately, to gratify different tastes.

Different sorts of preserves are also fit accompaniments to this dish, which may thus be served either as a sweet in the second course, or as a savoury to be handed round between the courses of fish and entrees.

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