German Quenelles

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Prepare the maize-flour batter as in the foregoing case, adding thereto two ounces of grated Parmesan cheese, and leaving out the parsley; form the quenelles in tablespoons, introducing small balls of any kind of croquet-meat in their centre, which must be covered in with some of the batter, and neatly and securely fastened down, by smoothing over the surface with n small knife frequently dipped in hot water: the milk or water in which the quenelles are poached must not be allowed to boil at all, as that would cause the quenelles to burst; they must merely simmer gently for about ten minutes; and having ascertained that they are done, drain and set them to cool upon a dish; and when cold, dip each quenelle separately in some reduced Allemande sauce; replace them in order on a dish to be left on the ice until they are become firm on the surface; they are then to be egged and bread-crumbed, fried in hot lard, dished on a folded napkin with fried parsley, and served hot.

No. 356