Mutton Pies a la Windsor

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Cut the lean part of a pound of loin of mutton into very small squares, season this with chopped mushrooms, parsley, and shalot, pepper and salt, and a little brown sauce or gravy, of any kind most convenient; mix altogether in a basin.

Next, line some tartlet or patty-pans with short paste made without sugar; fill these with some of the prepared mince; cover them over with a top, press and pinch them round the edge; egg them over; place a stamped ornament on the top of the patties; make a very small hole in the centre for ventilation, to prevent their bursting while baking; push them in the oven on a baking-sheet for about twenty minutes; and when done, dish them on a napkin and send to table.

Note.—Small patties made as directed above, either with chicken or veal and ham, any kind of game or meat; or filled with any of the great variety of preparations for making croquets, they form an agreeable change for the dinner-table, and are also calculated to become favourite accessories to pic-nics or race-course luncheons, as well as welcome additions to the sportsman's basket of prog.

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