Savoury Trifles

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It is necessary for the preparation of those delicious morsels to practise making small, plaited, or square paper cases, about the size of a crown-piece; these are easily enough made by paying attention to the following instructions: viz.,—cut pieces of note-paper into squares measuring three inches on all four sides; double this in two, equally, and fold each side into three reversed plaits; then turn back the outer leaves; turn back the corners equally and correctly; fold the ends; pass the thumb with pressure on the edges; open the centre; pinch the corners, and the case will then stand up erect.

The round plaited cases are made with circular pieces of paper of about the same dimensions as the former; and after being plaited all round to the depth of an inch and a half, are pushed into a round wooden box, and being forced into it by moans of a circular wedge of wood made to fit the hollow tightly, and the edge of the paper being twisted under with the back part of the blade of a small knife, the case will have received its accomplished form.

The cases must be slightly oiled inside and out, and filled with any kinds of meat, shellfish, or other fish, mincod or scolloped, and finished with sauce, &c, as directed for the preparation of croquet meats; covered over with fried bread-crumbs, made hot in the oven for a few minutes, dished up on napkins, and sent to table quite hot.

Note.—These trifles form a very fashionable addition to the first course of a dinner.

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