The Prince of Wales' Canapees

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Procure the picked tails of fifty fine prawns, the fillets of a dozen anchovies, two mountain gherkins, a cleaned head of white celery, and two good truffles: let all these be cut in small neat squares, put into a basin with enough Prince of Wales' sauce, No. 81, to season the ingredients; mix together, and fill a number of crusts of rolls as shown in No. 335, with this preparation; cover their surface with a thin circular piece of bright aspic jelly, and dish them up on a napkin.

Note.—It has just struck me that these delicious canapees which I consider so worthy of the epicure's notice, under the patronage of the illustrious individual whose name I have ventured to borrow for their designation, may be advantageously varied by using in their confection, instead of prawns,—lobster, crab, shrimps, oysters, poultry, game, tongue, ham, turbot, sole, salmon, &c.

And instead of, or in addition to celery, use any other kind of salad: and further, instead of a covering of aspic jelly, the canapees might be smoothly masked over with white mayonaise, No. 37, and a decoration formed either with truffle, lobster coral, beetroot, or the leaves of tarragon or chervil traced thereon, which would tend materially to enhance their appetising appearance.

These canapees are admirably adapted for ball-suppers, &c.

No. 336