Rice, Spanish Fashion

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Fry the boiled rice in a sautapan, with a spoonful of salad-oil or an ounce of butter, until it assumes a very light golden colour; then add either a large table-spoonful of Crosse and Blackwell's tomata sauce, or, if in season, a couple of ripe tomatas (previously squeezed to free them from seeds and watery juice); season with Spanish sweet pepper and a little grated cheese; pile up lightly in a hot dish; garnish it round with grilled Spanish chorisos, or, if unable to procure these, use in their stead thin slices of ham, bacon, Bologna, German, or any kind of sausage; or thin strippets of smoked salmon, or Finnon haddies, or herrings, or pilchards, &c.

No. 307