Braized Fillet of Beef a la Milton

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Braize either a fillet or a rolled piece of thin end of sirloin of beef (previously boned) in the usual manner, and when done, mask the whole of the upper part with a thin coating of very finely-chopped green gherkins which have been mixed into the consistency of a paste by the addition of a piece of good glaze and four raw yolks of eggs : this must be stirred over the fire for a few minutes to partially set the eggs without curdling them, as that would make the preparation crumble, and thus prevent it from adhering to the meat. The surface being smoothed over with a knife dipped in hot water, place on it a neatly-composed design, representing a large star, a basket of fruits, &c, consisting of carrots, turnips, French beans, peas, heads of asparagus, &c, previously shaped and boiled for the purpose; garnish the beef round the base with a varied Jardiniere, and a border of dessert-spoon quenelles decorated with truffle and tongue; serve poivrade sauce separately in a sauce-boat.

Note.—Bumps, rolls, and fillets of beef may also be finished, and served in a greater variety of ways, by substituting any other appropriate garnish or sauce instead of those herein indicated. If preferred, the fillets may be roasted and served with the same garnishes and sauces.

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