Pressed Beef

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Pressed beef may be prepared with either briskets, or thick or thin flank of beef: the beef must first undergo curing in manner following: viz.,—to six pounds of common salt, add six ounces of saltpetre, half a pound of moist sugar, some bruised bay-leaves, thyme, basil, marjoram, winter savory, half an ounce of cloves, ditto of mace and of peppercorns, and three cloves of garlic; mix this well together by pounding it in a mortar, and rub it well into the piece of beef intended to be cured or pickled: the beef must remain in the brine or pickle for about twelve days, when it will be ready for use. When about to cook the beef, let it be rolled up and fastened in a cloth by sowing up the opening and otherwise cording it with twine, in the form of a bolster; put it in a large pot with cold water to boil very gently for about four or five hours—according to weight and thickness; and when the beef is done, let it be put in press between two dishes with heavy weights on the top. When the beef has become perfectly cold, take it out of the cloth, trim and glaze it over, garnish with aspic jelly, or merely with picked parsley; and serve either for breakfast, luncheon, dinner, or supper.

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