Boiled Leg of Mutton

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Place a trimmed leg of mutton in a pot of sufficient capacity to hold about six gallons; add enough cold water to let it swim, and set it to boil; after skimming it well, add a handful of salt, a few carrots, turnips, and a couple of parsnips; and when the leg of mutton has boiled about two hours and a half, it will be done.

Leg of Mutton

It should then be dished up with a cut paper ruffle on the shank-bone, garnished with mashed turnips mixed with a spoonful of flour, a pat of butter, a gill of cream, nutmeg, pepper and salt; mould the mashed turnips in the shape of large eggs with two tablespoons—and place them in a circular row round the dish, introducing in between each spoonful of turnip a well-turned piece of boiled carrot; pour some gravy under, and serve caper sauce, separately.

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