Braized Leg of Mutton

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Trim a leg of mutton, interlard it with strippets of ham, or bacon, cut a quarter of an inch square, and about six inches long—seasoned with aromatic herbs, pepper and salt; pare off any ends of bacon which may happen to protrude, and place the leg of mutton in a braizing-pan with carrots, turnips, celery, onions, garnished faggot of parsley, cloves, mace, and a few peppercorns; moisten with sufficient stock or water to cover the mutton, and set it to simmer very gently over a slow fire, or in the oven for about three hours, taking care to baste it frequently with its own liquor. When done, drained, and placed in a baking-dish, add the stock boiled down, and set in the oven to be glazed —by basting it often with its own essence; and as soon as it presents a bright, glossy aspect, dish it up with glazed carrots and onions, or a richly furnished Jardiniere; sauce over with the remainder of its glaze added to some brown sauce, and serve.

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