Braized Neck of Veal

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Trim a neck of veal as in the preceding number, place it in a braizing-pan on a bed of sliced carrot, onions, celery, and a garnished bouquet; moisten with enough stock or water, just barely to cover the veal, and set it to stow or braize over a slow fire for about an hour and three-quarters; then remove the neck of veal on to a dish; strain and free its stock from all grease, boil it down to half-glaze, and use this to baste the veal in the oven until it assumes a bright glossy surface. The neck of veal must now be dished up and garnished with stewed peas, or with glazed onions and carrots; and the remainder of its glaze must be mixed with some brown sauce, and poured neatly round the base.

Note.—A braized neck of veal may also be garnished with cauliflowers or brocoli, or with asparagus, peas, with Jardiniere or Macedoine, and sauced round with Bechamel; it may be garnished with plain boiled rice, and some curry sauce poured over it.

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