Neck of Veal Larded

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Trim a neck of veal after the manner indicated in the foregoing articles; then with a sharp knife pare off the skin and sinew which cover the fillet part of the neck, leaving the ribs well and straightly covered with their fat; the bared fillet must then be closely larded, and braized according to the precepts for the treatment of a fricandeau; when done, remove the neck of veal from the braizing-pan on a baking-dish or sautapan, and after having first strained its liquor or stock, freed it from grease, and boiled it down to half-glaze, pour it over the veal, and use it to baste it frequently in the oven, in order to give the larding a bright golden aspect, and also to cause it to absorb the whole of the stock, which will tend to give it savour and mellowness: it must now be dished up, and garnished with any of the dressed vegetables or ragouts recommended in the preceding case.

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