Noix or Cushion of Veal

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The noix or cushion of veal is that part of the leg to which the udder adheres. In order to separate it from the round or fillet, the leg should be placed on the table with the knuckle from you, then with the left hand take hold of the upper part of the fillet of veal, while with the right hand insert the point of a knife into the separation which divides the noix or cushion from the under part of the fillet; cut the noix away, following the separation right through round to the knuckle, terminating at the left under the udder, which must he allowed to remain in its close adherence to the cushion. Pare off the sinewy parts from, that of the cushion which is covered with skin, leaving the udder whole; and when the fleshy part is laid bare, in a semicircular form, lard this part neatly and closely with fat bacon in the usual way; and braize the cushion in exactly the same manner as described for fricandeau. When done, dish it up with any of the garnishes prescribed in the preceding cases.

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