Roast Haunch of Mutton

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Procure, if possible, a haunch of four-year-old Southdown or Scotch mutton. Weather permitting, it should have hung in a cool larder for about ten days: let it be trimmed by removing the epidermis or transparent skin which covers the fat; saw off the shank-bone, cover it with two large sheets of well-greased paper, place it in a cradle-spit, and roast it before a good fire for about two hours and a quarter:

Haunch of Mutton

The joint must be kept at a distance of about eighteen inches from the fire; it must be basted with dripping every five minutes; and about ten minutes before being taken up, first remove the paper which covers it, dredge it all over with flour, shake a little salt over the surface, and with a large spoon pierced with holes, drop some dissolved butter over it, in order to give it that deliciously brown frothy aspect so well appreciated by all lovers of a well-roasted English joint.

Note.—Irish, Welsh, and Devonshire mutton also possess great claims to the notice of epicures; and when obtained in perfection, are worthy of a wide-spread reputation.

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