Sheep's Heads Gallimaufried

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Procure the head and pluck of a fresh-killed sheep; split the head into halves, remove the brains; steep the whole in water, and wash them thoroughly. Next, place the head, lights, heart, and liver in a stewpan with carrot, onion, celery, garnished faggot of parsley, six cloves, mace, a few Jamaica peppercorns, and a small handful of salt; moisten with sufficient common broth or water to make the contents of the stewpan swim, and then set the whole to braize slowly over the fire for about an hour and a half. When the head, &c, are done, take them up carefully on a dish, strain the broth, and after having removed all grease, boil down one-half to thin glaze, and with the remainder make some brown sauce. The halves of the head should be trimmed, seasoned with chopped parsley and shalot, pepper and salt, egged over and bread-crumbed, and then, after having sprinkled some clarified butter over the surface of the cheek only, should be again bread-crumbed and placed on a buttered sautapan for the purpose of being baked of a golden-brown colour. The liver, lights, and heart must be chopped up into fine mince, and when the sauce has been boiled down to its proper consistency, add the mince, some chopped parsley, mushrooms, and shalots, nutmeg, pepper and salt, and a dessert-spoonful of Crosse and Blackwell's Oude sauce; stir well together over the fire until quite hot, and then pile up the mince in the centre of the dish; place the pieces of head upon this, garnish the base with thin strippets of frizzled bacon, and serve.

Note.—The brains—after being cleaned—should be boiled in vinegar and water, with a little salt, for a few minutes, cut in slices, and placed between the halves of the head.

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