Ribs of Beef a la Mode

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Trim and prepare three short ribs of beef, by inserting in the round fleshy part, long square strippets of bacon seasoned with spice and herbs; and braize them with their trimmings, and carrot, celery, garnished bouquet of parsley, thyme and bay-leaf, salt, an onion stuck with a dozen cloves, and enough stock or water to cover the beef. Set the beef to boil very gently over a slow fire, with live embers on the lid of the braizing-pan; and when it has stewed in this manner for about four hours, take it up and trim it neatly without waste, and place it on its dish in the hot closet. Next, free the stock from all grease, strain and clarify it, and having boiled it down to the consistency of half-glaze, use this, after garnishing the rump as indicated in No. 385, to pour over it:—it may also be sauced with poivrade, tomata, or piquante sauce.

No. 388