Boiled Thin Flank of Beef

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Take a piece of thin flank, weighing about eight pounds,—it should be cut as nearly square as possible; let it be cured in the same manner as pressed beef, No. 393, for three days only; it is then to be removed from the brine, washed and wiped dry, and spread out square and flat by striking it all over with a cutlet-bat, (sec Adams' Illustrations). Next, place a pudding of highly-seasoned veal stuffing, No. 294, or Godiveau, No. 190, in the centre, and roll it up tightly in the beef; sew up the side and ends with trussing-needle and string, to keep it in a bolster-like form, while braizing. Place the roll in a braizing-pan (see Adams' Illustrations), with carrot, onions, celery, a bunch made with parsley, thyme, and bay-leaf, six cloves, a bit of mace, and stock, or water sufficient to cover the beef; simmer gently over a slow fire for about four hours; and when done tender, take it up without undoing the string, and put the roll of beef in press between two dishes, with a fourteen-pound weight on the top. When, the beef is nearly cold, remove the string, trim it free from any rough or discoloured parts, and set it to warm in a baking-dish with a little of its own stock, the greater part of which, after being freed from all grease, and thickened with either a large spoonful of flour or some brown thickening, No. 9, worked smooth, boiled, skimmed, and finished by adding a glass of wine and a small pinch of cayenne, will serve to pour over the roll of beef, garnished, when sent to table, round the base with glazed carrots and onions,—see Nos. 104 and 105.

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