Rib or Target of Lamb

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Ribs, or as it is sometimes called, target of lamb, consists of the breast and neck joints left adhering together in their natural position. The chine-bone should be sawed off, and the flat bones removed from the meaty part of the neck; the ribs are to be partially sawed through, so that when the lamb is cooked, it becomes an easy matter to separate the breast from the neck or superior rib-bones. Cover the ribs of lamb with buttered paper; run two iron skewers through it crosswise, and having secured it in an even position on the spit, roast it before a brisk fire for about an hour, according to the instructions contained in the foregoing number.

Note.—When roast lamb is intended to be eaten cold, the addition of chopped parsley, and a little pepper and salt sprinkled over it after it is removed from the fire, gives it a more inviting aspect.

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