Roast Fore-quarter of Lamb

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Saw off the shank-bone, and also the chine-bone— along the fillet part of the neck; and with a saw partially sever the rib-bones, midway between the edge of the breast and the spine-bone. Cover the fore-quarter of lamb with buttered paper, and secure it in an even position on the spit; roast it before a brisk fire for about an hour and a half, and about ten minutes before taking it up, dredge it with flour and a little salt, and baste it over with a little dissolved butter, to froth and brown it of an appetising colour. It must then be dished up with a cut-paper ruffle on the shank-bone, gravy must be poured under it, and mint sauce served separately.

Note.—Chop a double handful of clean mint-leaves, and mix them in a sauce-boat, with half a gill of vinegar and an ounce of moist sugar.

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