Roast Fillet of Veal

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Veal, to be in perfection, should if possible be procured fresh killed, as it does not improve by being kept. Take out the bone from a good fat fillet of veal, and with the bat flatten the udder; make a deep incision between the udder and the fillet with a knife, and fill it with veal-stuffing, No. 294; sew it up with small twine, wrap the udder tightly round the fillet, and secure its shape wifh skewers and twine: spit the fillet in the usual manner, cover it with buttered paper, roast it for about two hours and a half: just before it is done, take off the paper, and after shaking some flour over it from a dredger, baste the fillet with a little fresh butter, and froth it, then dish it up, pour round it some melted butter coloured with a little browning and lemon-juice; garnish round with potato croquets, and serve some boiled bacon with greens, separately.

Note.—Fillets of veal roasted, as shown in the foregoing instructions, and dished up, may also be garnished with Jardinieres or Macedoines, or a Financiere or Toulouse ragout. Fillets of veal may also be braized after the manner indicated for braizing necks or breasts of veal, and garnished similarly.

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