Hunting Beef

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A round of beef is mostly used for this purpose, and should be cured according to the directions given for curing pressed beef, No 393: the round should remain in the pickle for a fortnight, in order that it may become thoroughly flavoured with the spices, &c. When the round of beef is sufficiently saturated, tie it up to secure its shape, in the manner directed in No. 383,- and boil it either in small beer or ale; or, if this is considered too extravagant, in water, remembering that it must boil slowly. It will take about five hours' cooking; but the length of time necessarily very much depends on its size and weight. When done, dish up the round with alternate groups of boiled carrots, parsnips, greens, and small dumplings.

Note.—Rounds, or any other joint of beef, prepared in the foregoing manner, are more frequently sent to table cold, for breakfast or luncheon, especially at Christmas time, when they are considered a desirable feature on the side-board.

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