Stuffed Shoulder of Mutton

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Saw off the stump shank from a shoulder of mutton; remove the blade-bone with care—so as not to disturb the outer shape of the shoulder by making a hole through it. Fill the cavity occasioned by the removal of the blade-bone with veal stuffing No. 294; sow up the opening by gathering up the sides of the meat with trussing-needle and string, drawing them up—something like a purse—and fastening the ends so as to secure it in a plump shape or form. Next, let the shoulder of mutton be either nicely roasted or braized; and when dished up, pour over it some piquante sauce, No. 22, and serve hot.

Note.—Shoulders of mutton prepared after this fashion may also be served as directed in the variety of form for dressing legs of mutton.

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