Loin of Veal a la Creme

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Prepare and roast a loin of veal as directed in No. 404; and, about twenty minutes before it is done, put a clean dish under it, and baste it all over continuously with a pint of cream: this, as the veal continues to turn round before the fire, will cause it to assume a bright, light-brownish crust of a very delicate and delicious aspect; and which, while removing the veal from its spit on to its dish, must be carefully handled so as not to be knocked off; let the brown deposit which has fallen from the veal during the time it has been basted with cream be detached from the dish which has duly received it, with some white mushroom juice, or water; add this to some white sauce and a little cream, and pour it round the veal.

Note.—It is hardly necessary to say that all veal joints may be advantageously dressed in this fashion.

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