Loin of Veal Braized

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Trim, stuff, and truss a loin of veal as described in the foregoing case; place it on a bed of sliced vegetables in a braizing-pan, cover it with a fitting piece of thick white paper—previously rubbed over with butter; moisten with sufficient stock or water to just reach the edge of the surface of the veal, and set it to braize in the oven, or else very gently over a slow fire with live embers on the lid of the pan, taking due care to baste it frequently with its own liquor during the time it is being braized, in order that the meat, by continuously absorbing the stock impregnated with the flavour of the vegetables and herbs, may thus become full of savour and mellow. When the loin of veal has thus stewed or braized for about three hours, let it be drained and placed on a baking-dish, and after straining and boiling down its own liquor to the consistency of half-glaze, add this to it, and set it in the oven,—continuously basting it with its glaze until it presents a bright, light glossy aspect: the loin of veal must then be dished up, garnished round with tomatas, or mushrooms au gratin, or with glazed onions and carrots; a Jardiniere, or a Macedoine; with Toulouse, Financiere, Chipolata, or Milanese ragouts; or with any kind of dressed vegetable; or with macaroni or potato croquets; and any of the following sauces may be used to surround it: viz.,—Allemande, Bechamel, Tomata, Italian, Madeira, Financiere.

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